Start Your Online Business!

The Big First Step 

Create a Conversion Focused Website based on your Passion

The most important item of an Online Business is your Website. We are Not Here To create a hobby or brochure website. We are here to

Create a Business Website that is geared to Generate Customers & Income.

Your website is where your content, blog, videos, ebooks, guides, courses, membership exclusive content, product pages, store, and other digital assets are found.

It is where you will want your social media & marketing efforts to funnel into, so you can use effective strategies to convert visitors into profitable customers.

Some Statistics to help you realize what's going on

  • According to Global Digital 2019, the internet grows by an average of 1 million new users a day.
  • E-commerce spending increased 15% in 2018 when $517 billion was spent online with US merchants
  • As of 2019, more than half of the world’s population is online. That's over 4.3 billion people
  • The future is mobile — by 2020, over 60% of traffic will come from a mobile device.
  • By the end of this 2019, more than 1.92 billion people will have purchased something online.
  • There are 3.2 billion social media users

>>> The Online or Digital Economy has been growing and will continue to grow - there's no signs of it slowing down. A sustained digital gold rush is happening before our eyes. The playing field has been leveled. Anyone and their pet can participate. 

Millions of people have taken advantage and quit working for someone else to run their own online business. Millions of others are generating good side income. Countless stay-at-home Moms started blogging and now earn more than their hubbys. Are you just going to sit there and do nothing, letting this unprecedented wave of opportunity pass you by? 

If you can afford about $30 a month, and I'm pretty sure you can, then cost cannot be an excuse. That's just a dollar a day. I can't think of a more affordable type of business to start. There's not much risk since you can start it on the side if you work hard. Actually the risk is... you never finding out your potential of building a business and enjoying all the benefits that come with it.

The only way to find out is to try. If it works out, you and your family will benefit. If it doesn't then you can go back to what you were doing before. If you never try, well, regret may haunt you down the road. I'm sorry for saying something harsh like that but if you've gotten this far into this page, I sense you are serious in seeking something more out of your life.

One of the most impactful or profound lines I heard during all my years in school was Dante Alighieri's quote from the "Inferno" which goes something like - The hottest place in hell are reserved for those who in time of crisis chose to do nothing.

That quote was so powerful for me, because I thought, God gave us free will for a good reason, and if we didn't act when an important life changing choice was presented, we would be wasting his plans for us. And the life changing choice that faces many of us is:

An online business has the potential to give me the income, freedom, and lifestyle, that my family and I want. Shall I commit myself to starting one now?

Do you have what it takes to Make Your Dreams Real?

My goal is to help people who are serious about their passions (which include skills, sport, craft, knowledge, creativity, artistry, hobbies, interests, charm, ability to connect with others, etc), and equip them with the best combination of affordable and highly effective modern tools and techniques, to give them the greatest chance for Success and Independence.

Together we can create an Online Business that may earn you more than a full time job, or at the very least, provide you with a significant side income.

I want to challenge you to give yourself a chance to live the life you dream about, the life you deserve. Imagine if you were doing what you loved... creating things you are very interested in... providing enormous value to others just like you... working from home, while travelling or wherever you want... leading a business that gives you the freedom of being your own Boss with no income ceiling. 

Wouldn't you work your tail off to make it happen? If you think there are shortcuts to getting rich quick with minimal effort, then please leave this site now because I don't believe in that. You can find many gurus out there who will entertain you with the quick and easy method (beware!). 

So for the people who are serious, who are tired of settling for less, who feel it's high-time to break out of your shell and grab opportunity by it's horns and scream, "It's my time to shine!"... I want to work with you to make it happen! Let's do it! 

(Disclosure: The links in this page are affiliate links of the products I am using for this website. I recommend these products because they provide me with great quality. If you use the links there will be no extra cost to you, and I might be compensated with a little referral fee. If you choose to use the affiliate links and buy, it would be greatly appreciated and I thank you because it helps me continue to create free, valuable content to help people like you with their online business.)

Choose a Domain Name

Find a domain name related to the Niche you are Passionate about

The very first thing you need to do, even before choosing a domain name is to know which narrow category or niche you will be creating content for. This should be the area where you have a degree of Passion for. It's an area of strength for you. It's a topic you enjoy discussing and learning more about. It's an area where you can learn to be an expert and teach people.

Even if you don't feel particularly passionate about anything, if you realize that you can make a living doing something you're interested in, instead of being stuck in a job you don't like -- that idea can make you passionate about it.

The passion part of it, I think is so crucial, I even made it the central theme of my business, and my website name. It's simply because I believe those people who are doing work they are Passionate about, will out-work, out-hustle, out-compete the others in the niche, and that's the key to success.

Domain names that end with ".com" are harder to find but I highly suggest you keep trying till you find one, because if you get a domain that is ".net", ".co", or whatever, your audience might forget and just type ".com" and they will go straight to your competitor.

If you still can't find a great domain, well, a good alternative is just using your full name or a version of it. Some of the most successful personalities with huge online businesses, simply use their full names. Examples are,, and 

To search for available domains, visit the following link Find Available Domains from a very popular host and click Domains from the menu, or use this domain checker tool:

Once you find a great domain that's available, don't hesitate, just go buy it, or you might find it's suddenly not available the next time you check. Buy a hosting plan along with the domain.

The price of a ".com" domain is around $15 a year. The plan I recommend below gives you the domain free for the first year and free SSL which some hosts charge $20/yr. For more info on how to choose a domain name Click Here.

Buy a Host Plan

With so many to choose, just select an affordable host trusted by many

Let me save you a lot of time here. Some people take days, and even weeks before choosing a Host Plan. A host is where your website lives. There are thousands of hosts in the world, and each one has their set of pros, cons, and pricing.

Do Not Use We do not want that because you do not have full control of your website. We need to select a Host Plan and then install the free open-source WordPress program on it. Doing so will give you full control of the website.

You can expect hosting plans to be priced between $10 to $20 a month.

When I selected my host plan late in 2018, all I did was Google "best affordable hosting plans" and I visited all the reviews of the page 1 results. I compiled and averaged out the rankings and also considered the commentaries. The one that stood out to me was Bluehost.

Why? It was the most affordable, it was always ranked near the top, it came with a free domain (for the first year, a $15 savings), free SSL encryption, it's one of the biggest hosts around, has great customer support, and highly successful marketers swear by it. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me. 

I started this website with Bluehost, and I've been a very happy customer. In the almost 1 year that I've been with them, I've had no glitches, no downtime, speed is very good, and when I had to contact them for a question, I waited less than a minute to get a customer rep on the phone with me.

I selected the Basic plan, paid for 3 years upfront because it was by far the best deal. The only thing I have to pay for in the near future is the domain fee for the 2nd and 3rd year. 

You will be hard-pressed to find a host with a better combination of affordability, features, service, reliability for those who are just starting their Online Business. 

Bluehost runs seasonal sales throughout the year, visit the following link, Check Current Hosting Sale Pricing, and if you can get the Basic 36 month plan for less than $150, or less than $5/mo. I say do it. Under Package Extras, my only recommended feature to add is Domain Privacy+Protection for only $1/mo more in order to avoid spam. And you can remove the rest SiteLock Security, Codeguard Basic, Bluehost SEO Tools Start, and Office 365 Mailbox. So the total should only be about $216 for 3 years which comes up to roughly $6/mo. That's an unbeatable deal. 

Complete this Step - Buy a Host Plan (with Domain included)

At less than $6 a month (discount for 1st 3 yr term) you will be able to acquire a domain name

run your WordPress website in a fast, reliable, trusted host with great customer support.

Why wait? Start your online business now with this important first step.

Doing so will help you commit to making some of your dreams come true.

Buy the Best Conversion Focused WordPress Theme

Select the WordPress Theme/Plugins that's built to Convert your Visitors to Clients 

Basically, WordPress is the framework that allows people to create beautiful, feature rich, mobile friendly websites without knowing how to code or without having to hire a programmer/designer to customize the site for you. One-third of all websites are powered by WordPress.

Once you have your domain and host plan, Bluehost makes it so easy for you to install WordPress with a click of a button.

WordPress will be installed with a default free theme. A theme is a set of templates that gives your blog/website it's appearance. I highly suggest not blogging yet or adding any kind of content, because the free theme comes with very limited features, looks amateurish, and you'll have a hard time moving over to a better theme in the future. It's best to start with a professional theme from the get go so you don't run into headaches down the line going from a limited free theme to a professional theme.

And then you can choose WordPress Plugins that will add functionality to your website. For example, you can install a backup plugin that will automatically backup all your files on a regular schedule. Or you can install a gallery plugin that will give your site a photo gallery feature.

When it comes to WordPress Themes and Plugins, you get what you pay for. You can think of WordPress as being similar to the operating system of your phone. The phone doesn't really start to become a smartphone until you start customizing it and go to Google Play or the App Store and install your to do list, your calendar, email app, browser, maps, password keepers, games, social media apps, group messaging, music player, etc...

This is the step where you can choose to stand out from the crowd. We need to select a theme and a set of plugins that will give us the features that will transform our basic WordPress blog site into an advanced Conversion-Focused Website.

Conversion-Focused Websites have some or all of the following:

  • Email list building tools
  • Opt-in forms
  • A/B testing to optimize conversions
  • Visual drag and drop editor with modern elements or content blocks
  • Many Landing/Sales page templates
  • Advanced content elements
  • Smart widgets
  • Countdown timers for creating scarcity / urgency to buy
  • Online Course making
  • Quiz builders
  • Exit Intent Lightbox Popups
  • Integrations with payment and email marketing services
  • Ability to create different formats optimized for different screen sizes (pc, tablet, mobile)

Unfortunately, there are not very many affordable options. Many successful bloggers, and small to medium companies pay hundreds of dollars a month for these. Here are some of the popular conversion-focused services and their pricing:

  • Sumo - $39/mo
  • Leadpages - $48/mo
  • Infusionsoft - $199/mo
  • ClickFunnels - $97-297/mo
  • Hubspot - $50-3000/mo
  • Pardot/Salesforce - $1000/mo

The awesome news is after I researched many of the top conversion focused tools, I found ONE, very affordable service that will give us a suite of Themes and Plugins that can provide all the features I mentioned above.

Guess how much the product is? $50/mo? Nope. $40/mo? Nah. $30/mo? Getting warm. $20/mo? Not even.

Try $19/month! (paid annually)

For the price of one restaurant meal a month, you can have the same type of conversion-focused website that top online marketers are using to generate 5 even 6 figure income a month. It's a suite of tools designed to maximize your website's ability to convert your visitors into leads, subscribers, and customers. Remember, a basic website with no conversion means no money. A website that is a lean-mean converting machine, can be a big money maker for you.

CLICK HERE to see what I consider the most affordable conversion focused WordPress software.

The company I'm talking about is called Thrive Themes and with the $19/mo membership you get to use all of their current and future tools, and if you buy now you will lock in your price so that in the likely event they increase their pricing in the future you will still pay only $19/mo for it. It's the best deal I've ever seen.

It's headed by Shane who I have utmost respect for because I consider him someone with a lot of integrity and he's leading a great team to create a fabulous ever-improving suite of products, while keeping the price absolutely reasonable.

This page you are reading was built using the Thrive Themes drag and drop editor (no coding needed).

Complete this Step - Buy the Best Conversion-Focused WordPress Theme

At only $19 a month you will be able to turn your basic WordPress website into a professional

Online Business website designed to maximize the growth of your email list, customers, and sales.


If you were able to take this First Big Step to start your Online Business, I wholeheartedly commend you! You should also be proud of yourself because most people are too scared of failure and never get around to taking that first step.

For only around $300 for the first year, you can start your online business with a domain, host, and a professional WordPress theme. Starting a business has rarely been this affordable. And with this important first step out of the way you can launch your website and start blogging and creating content for the audience you will be growing.

It might take a few days or weeks depending if you are doing this part-time or full-time to design your website, and practice creating blogs, videos, e-books, etc. Like everything else in life, practice makes better. Perfection is not necessary in an online business, in fact it can be a big negative because perfectionists have a hard time getting started. The most important thing is consistent production. When you feel confident with your content creation and you are ready to start asking your audience for their email, then you can enter the next phase of email automation and list building efforts.


Some of the links above are affiliate links which if you buy after clicking the link, I might be credited with a referral fee that adds No Extra cost to you. And if you can prove you bought via my affiliate link, I would be able to extend some personal service to you if you needed my help with setting up your website. Also I can give you access to exclusive tutorials, courses, e-books and tools, which I will be coming out with soon. It's how I can earn a little while working hard to provide you with valuable content that can help you with your online business.