Tools I Use

These are the Tools and Services I use to get stuff done in life and business

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Recommended Tools and Services

Where I keep all my passwords

Today's world especially the one I'm living requires hundreds of logins, passwords, and other sensitive identification. I loathe having to write them down on paper, losing that piece of paper or having to always reset my password. So I use this to encrypt all that private data and I can access it in different devices. So if I ever get lost in Timbuktu without any devices, all I need to find is an internet cafe in some oasis and I'll be able to access my vital info and make my way back home. Includes VPN, if you're techie enough to know what that is. The company has allowed me to offer you 1 month of Premium service for free.

Trello for my virtual second brain or corkboard to organize my ideas, to-do's, lists, etc

It's so flexible it's hard to explain but it's awesome for productivity. Use it to organize cards into lists, and those cards can be tasks, notes, projects, attachments, shared files, or anything else that helps you or your team stay on track to visually organize everything and make things happen. It helps me with business, reminders, brainstorming, to do lists, cooking recipes, best items to buy from each grocery, who liked or didn't like your cooking, whatever you can think of. It's free for individuals until you exceed some generous limits. Teams will need to pay for it but it's waaay affordable for what it gives them.