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Beginners Learn How to Make 1st Video in DaVinci Resolve files included

Step by Step Tutorial to Create Your 1st Video

Beginners need no experience as this tutorial will show you how to edit, create, and produce your first video in DaVinci Resolve the Best Free Most Advanced Video Editor around.

All the files will be linked below, so you can download them and recreate exactly what this tutorial goes thru step-by-step.

Other beginner tutorials are helpful but some people learn better when the actual files used in such a tutorial are available for use. That is why I'm including it here.

Even if you are intimidated by the complex looking software, don't worry. Just follow the steps and in less than an hour you'll already have the basics to start editing your own videos.

[bctt tweet="No Experience, No Problem. In 30 minutes, you can learn to edit and create videos using the best free video editor - DaVinci Resolve 16."]

These are some of the features used in the video making process:

  • Adjust audio volume
  • Multiple video Audio Tracks
  • Preferences to control how many seconds each image / photo gets when placed into the timeline
  • Adjust photo duration for the slideshow
  • Adding video and audio tracks
  • Mute audio tracks
  • Scroll on mouse to navigate tracks
  • Fade in and fade out for both video and audio clips
  • Use curve for more customized fade in and fade out
  • Add title text, change font, add stroke for more visible text
  • Add video transitions - Cross Dissolve
  • Edit with blade, split clip
  • Deliver, render, produce video
  • Format mp4 not quicktime
  • Add to render queue, start render

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