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OceanWP Installation Problems and too many ads not best free theme 2020 Review

OceanWP always seems to make the top 5 for most people's (WP theme influencers) list of what is the best free WordPress theme. I don't think so.

I'm testing out the top free themes and when it came to OceanWP I was looking forward to see what all the fuss was about.

While installing it, I bump into a bunch of problems.

First, it was one of the most complex or annoying theme I've ever installed. Installing the main theme is no problem at all. But when you install the complete package including the other required plugins and templates, there were so many steps required compared to other theme installations.

Second, there were errors during the installation. This was the first theme that had installation errors for me in quite some time.

Third, after installing it and you check the WordPress dashboard, you'll be barraged with a bunch of notifications, offers, and ads that is coming from OceanWP. They're treating your WP dashboard like a billboard.

And then, the template I chose didn't work. It somehow lost all it's formatting. When I tried another one, it did work. Aren't they all supposed to work?

I have no clue why all these big WordPress influencers who gets Google's highest search results, praise OceanWP so much. Well I can guess. They have outdated info, they installed it a few years ago when the competition was weak, and now pay for the upgraded OceanWP options that don't have the problems I encountered. And still, they include it as one of the best free themes. Heck no!

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