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CapCut formerly ViaMaker of TikTok lets you Easily Make Mobile Videos 2020

How to use the Free CapCut which was formerly ViaMaker, the Video Editor that TikTok bought a couple of years ago so you can make more advanced professional videos with your phone or tablet, that you can't do on TikTok.

You can cut, reverse, change speed, add effects, transitions, music, text, have multi track timelines, and much more.

CapCut tools used to make the video:

  • trim, cut, split
  • transitions, mix
  • overlay, multi-track editor
  • zoom in out, opacity, transparency
  • animation, fade in, adjust duration
  • add text, text style, barlow font, text effects
  • bubble, slide left
  • add sounds and music
  • change format, change canvas, fit
  • aspect ratios 9:16, 1:1, 3:4, 16:9

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