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How to Fix Can’t Add, Drag or Move Media to Timeline Problem – DaVinci Resolve

In this DaVinci Resolve lesson we are going to fix the problem where you can not add, drag, or move media (images and video clips) into the timeline.

This may tend to happen when you have a lot of things going on in your video. The more complex the video, the more likely you might encounter this. I've only came across this once, and it was really annoying.

I spent hours editing a video to make it showy and informative than normal and then I was stuck. I couldn't drag anymore images or videos to the timeline. I thought I lost the project and over 3 hours of work.

I played around with some things and found the fix, actually 2 ways to fix it, and both are quite simple.

Features used:
Drag an audio file, New Timeline

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