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How to Fix Thrive Themes Architect Not Loading Problem – Bug Conflict with Jetpack Plugin

In Dec 2019 Thrive Architect had a plugin update version 2.4.6 that caused problems. If you use the popular Jetpack plugin by WordPress.com which has 5+ million installations to date, it can cause a bug with your updated Thrive Architect. The bug prevents you from loading or editing any Posts or Pages using Architect - which is a Huge Problem!

I wrote to the support team at Thrive Themes to see if they could help me with the bug/error where the loading screen of 5 green balls never exits, meaning it's an endless loop after you click on a page to edit and the loading page never gets to the edit page. The support team wanted Admin access to my WordPress account, and I wasn't desperate enough to share Admin access to anyone yet, so I told them I'd wait until some clarity came with regards to this problem, as I was sure other people were going to be complaining about it.

The following day, I got a tip that the problem is with the Jetpack plugin. Unlike what the support team suggests which is deactivate the Jetpack plugin to fix the situation, I found the exact problem where you can still keep Jetpack and fix the problem. ​

The video walks you thru the fix.

>>>UPDATE: Bug Fix 2019/Dec/12 723pm. It looks like Thrive Themes found a way to fix the bug and the new version of Thrive Architect resolved the problem. And I can reactivate the feature in Jetpack which was part of the problem. That was fast! And that's what I love about Thrive. They are on the ball and super professional!!!

What did we learn? First of all, bugs will happen, it's inevitable especially when you are dealing with integrations between multiple software. But choosing a great team like Thrive gives me the confidence that their bugs are quite rare. They have smart meticulous coders. Next although I had no fatal flaws, I did remember to do a full backup of the website (used Updraft) in case something bad happened. And if you do have a bug, you can go through your plugins one by one and deactivate each to see if that was the one that caused the conflict. In this case it was Jetpack. Knowing which plugin conflicts will help your technical support team find the fix faster. 

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