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Fix Problem of Import Images Sequence – DaVinci Resolve

This video shows you how to get around the problem where DaVinci Resolve groups your sequenced images into a frame by frame video clip, instead of treating each image separately when you import it or bring it into the software.

When you import images that are named sequentially such as image-001.jpg, image-002.jpg, image-003.jpg, etc, DaVinci Resolve will by default think you have a set of stop motion images and then groups these images together to form a frame by frame video clip with each image occupying only 1/29th of a second if your selected frame rates for the video is 29 frames per second. So your 29 vacation photos will take only 1 second to show.

That's pretty unfortunate because most cameras name the photos you take sequentially and you will constantly have this problem with DaVinci Resolve.

But there's an easy fix and this video shows you how.

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Transcript of Video

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  1. You can also rename images a certain way. Then you need at the end a constant number and before that a character as separator. I do typically name them:


    XXXX is the old sequence coming from the camera naming system. This is good to use as it prevents to create no dublicates.
    When you do that naming, you are able to drag and drop from everywhere….

    Resolves looks from right to left for numbers even if there are characters in between. If this number is not kept constant you see the sequencing issue;) It appears random but if you understand this system you know why sometimes it seems to work and sometimes not.

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