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How to open .doc .docx .dot .rtf .odt No MS Word – FreeOffice TextMaker 2020

This video shows you how to open, edit, and save .doc .docx .dot .rtf .odt files without Microsoft Office.

Instead of paying for Microsoft Office, save some of your hard earned money and use the best free Microsoft Office alternative, FreeOffice.

In particular, TextMaker is the sub-program in FreeOffice that replaces the need to have Miscrosoft Word. It can open all the Word document formats, you can edit, save in the various formats, and also print the documents.

There are many videos out there that read out highlights of the top 5 or so Microsoft alternatives. They probably didn't even install the programs. Here I'll show you how to install and use the program to open and edit actual documents, spreadsheets and slides.

The FreeOffice software comes with 3 separate applications:
-TextMaker replaces Microsoft Word (text documents)
-PlanMaker replaces Microsoft Excel (spreadsheets)
-Presentations replaces Microsoft PowerPoint (slideshows presentations)

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