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Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugin – GADWP

Why is Google Analytics so Important to your Website?

(2020-Aug Update: Google has a plugin called Site Kit which does the same thing as GADWP but even better because it integrates all of these Google tools with your WordPress website: Analytics, Search Console, Adsense, PageSpeed Insights, Optimize, and Tag Manager.)

Because it allows you to track a whole slew of important metrics that is going on with your website. It provides valuable statistics that will help you steer your online business into a successful endeavor.

The following are some of the things Google Analytics can do for you:

  • Know the characteristics of your Visitors, such as their location, age range, gender, what devices they are using, etc
  • What are your most and least Popular Content so you know what to and what not to write about
  • Which social media platforms they are coming from
  • Why visitors are bouncing off your website
  • Create custom reports that help with your strategy

And what's the best free Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress?

It's GADWP, or Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress.

So let's install it.

Go to your WordPress dashboard, Plugins, Add New, and search for "GADWP". It's by ExactMetrics. Install and Activate it.

Log into your Google Analytics, if you do not have an account yet, set one up now by clicking the following Get started with Analytics

Then Set up a property for your website

You will need to get your Tracking ID, to do so go to your Google Analytics Home, on upper left of page next to the Analytics logo select your website account, on bottom left click Admin, under Property column click Tracking Info, Tracking Code. You will see your Tracking ID which starts with UA-... Copy the ID.

Go back to your WordPress Plugin page and click Settings link for GADWP.

Click Authorize Plugin.

Click Get Access Code

Sign in with your Google account by choosing an account.

GADWP wants access to your Google Account so it can place the Tracking ID in all your WordPress pages to enable the tracking.

Click Allow

Copy the code it presents you.

Paste it into the Access Code field in WordPress

You should see the message "Plugin authorization succeeded" and notice how it correctly pulled the necessary info for General Settings.

That's it, you are good to go and your WordPress website will not be tracked. This is an example of what you will see in your WP dashboard, a clean unobtrusive statistics interface, unlike *cough* Monster Insights.

Then if you want great, highly-detailed site stats then go to your Google Analytics account.

Conclusion: Don't mess around with freemium analytics plugins that bloat your WordPress dashboard with endless annoying upgrade offers. And Don't pay for analytics upgrades, because the service, Google Analytics is FREE. Just use the best free plugin, GADWP, to connect it with your site. Save your money for other more effective Marketing Tools.

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