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Create Logo and Upload it on WordPress Thrive Rise Theme

You don't need to pay someone hundreds of dollars to make a logo for you, especially when you are just starting out. You can do it yourself.

To create your own logo for your WordPress website, you can start simple by using the Free vector-based graphics software - Inkscape.

As you can see below, I used Inkscape to create various versions of a simple text logo with different color schemes. All I did was select a font to make my URL text, and then I created a rectangle as a background or backdrop.

I imported sample logos to give me a sense of color combinations and used the color picker to copy those colors for my logo. Seeing them all together gave me a good perspective to select the color combo i want.

Once I selected my favorite, I exported the logo as a PNG file and saved it on my pc/laptop.

Normally to upload you logo in WordPress you go to the WP dashboard, Appearance, Customize, Site Identity and change it there.

But if you have Thrive Themes, the Rise theme to be specific, you can make the change by going to WP dashboard, Theme Options, and press the Upload button next to the Logo section to use your own logo.

Press the Select button

Click Save All Changes

This is the default logo that comes with the Rise theme.

After saving the new logo and refreshing the browser it will show you new logo.

And that's how you edit the Rise theme by Thrive Themes to show your own logo.

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