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Easily Create Privacy Policy and Disclaimer WordPress Pages and Avoid Legal Problems

It's Very Important to have Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Pages as soon as you launch your website because of Internet Laws

Due to governments cracking down on Privacy Issues you need to create Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages on your website ASAP.

You will also need it for to place ads on your website from Google Adsense, and other reputable agencies.

The GDPR standardizes the rules on how personal data should be processed in the EU. It also provides rights to individuals regarding their personal data.

A Privacy Policy is your promise to show your customers that you can be trusted with their personal data. It’s also makes transparent how much personal data your company controls, and whether your data protection practices are legally compliant.

Similar Privacy regulations for other countries are:

The California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA)
Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
Australia’s Privacy Act

The GDPR is different. Its requirements are more rigorous than any of the above laws.

My WordPress theme, called Rise by Thrive Themes, allows you to instantly create Privacy Policy and Disclaimer with a couple clicks. But of course you have to edit it to fit your situation.

I say collect only the minimum amount of information of your users such as name and email only. If you collect more sensitive data like date of birth, address, etc, then you are more at risk.

For more information about GDPR visit the following links:

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