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How to add a Google XML Site Map to WordPress, Not Yoast – Tutorial 2019

A Sitemap is important to you Search Engine Optimization

You definitely need an XML Site Map on your WordPress site in order for Search Engines like Google and Bing to index your site and help them understand what pages and posts you have.

Thank goodness for WordPress and the available themes, it makes it so easy to add a sitemap, while it was mostly a manual process in the old days of the Net.

In this situation, I didn't want Yoast to bloat my WordPress site. It does so many things and truly it is helpful for search engine optimization, especially for beginners. But much of it can be done yourself when you understand what it does, and you can keep this large plugin from bloating your site.

So I found a nice simple, focused plugin that does the trick. It's called Google XML Sitemaps. The great thing is it schedules times when it reminds the search engines that there are updates in our site's content.

It works really well and it's free!

How to install the plugin
  • ​​Click Add New Plugin in your WordPress dashboard, Plugins page
  • Type "sitemaps" in the search field, enter
  • Install Google XML Sitemaps by Arne Bachhold, activate it. The sitemap will be automatically created.
  • To see the sitemap, go to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > XML-Sitemap

This plugin works if you have the Jetpack plugin previously installed, and if you do, the Google XML Sitemaps plugin will use the Jetpack sitemap and add more functionality. If you don't have the Jetpack plugin, this Google XML Sitemaps plugin will quickly create it for you.

It will allow you to schedule updated sitemap notifications with Google and Bing based on your chosen intervals, such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly.

Don't forget to submit your new sitemap link to the Google Search Console. To follow the video directions Click Here to jump to that portion of the video.

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