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How to Change WordPress Homepage from Blog to Dynamic Static Page using Thrive Themes

The video above will show you how to replace the WordPress blog style homepage with a modern Hybrid (Static Page with Dynamic Elements) format.

By default WordPress will create a homepage for you that will be in a blog style format, that means your homepage will be a continuous list of 10 of your most recent posts.

For better branding and marketing practices, you have to move that blog format off from your homepage, give it another visible link in your menu, and change your homepage to a static page so that you can maximize the initial message, look, and feel of your company, business or personal brand.

Just like magazines, books, and fine dining restaurant menus, you save the meat of the content for inside and you create a beautiful front cover to impress and get the attention of your audience. Homepages for websites are no different.

The really cool thing with the website builder I use, I can now create a stylized static homepage, AND also have a dynamic section (updates automatically) where I have thumbnails and short descriptions of my most recent blogs, or if I choose, I can show categorized or curated blogs.

Check the video to see how I do it.

In Summary, the steps to do it are:

  • Create a page called Home
  • Customize the newly created Home page, keeping in mind first impressions are everything so you should style it as nice as you can while communicating your main messages
  • Change the WordPress dashboard, Settings, Reading, and under Your Homepage Displays, click "A static page (select below)", and select the newly created "Home" page from the drop down selection Homepage.

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