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Glorify – Easily Apply Your Branding Colors to Professional Designed Templates

Red Alert!!! Glorify is having a sale for One Time Pay Life Time Access Sale, check my link to see if it's still running before the deal ends. Or get yourself on the Wish List if they haven't launched Glorify 2.0 yet. Grab one of the Best Graphics Tools now at a huge discount! 


Save time and Quickly, Easily Apply your Branding Color Palette to Beautiful Graphic Templates.

This awesome graphics editor is brand new in Aug 2019 and it's looking like it will be the best graphics software especially for people who have an online business or ecommerce site - A Canva killer.

Particularly because Canva lacks a great Brand It - Color Palette Applicator. You can save a few colors in Canva but it pales in comparison to Glorify in terms of how easy it is to apply your colors.

You don't need to pay a graphics designer to create High Converting Ecommerce Images. It has so many great templates that are so easy edit, you'll be able to produce stunning images in a few minutes, actually some might be able to do it in a few seconds.

All you have to do is select from a large and growing library of professionally designed templates which are specifically created for Social Media sizes such as Youtube Thumbnails, Facebook Cover Photo, Group Cover, Advert, Wall Post, Email Headers, Social Profile Image, Instagram Square Photo, Story Ads, Linkedin Company Background, Profile Background, Status Post, Pinterest Advert, Twitter Cover, Twitter Image.

Then you easily add your product images and text, brand the template with your company palette, add a background, style it with effects and in a few minutes you will have a Highly Attractive Image which should help you Convert your traffic into subscribers and buyers.

The focus of the software is enabling non-graphic designers to create High Converting Ecommerce Images because user-friendliness was absolutely important to the developers. There is no coding involved and all you have to do is drag drop.

The software is cloud and browser based, meaning you don't need to download it. You can just log into it from anywhere.

It is quick, effective, no learning curve, it's for Amazon sellers, funnel makers, Instagram influencers, drop-shippers.

Why do I think this will eventually beat the socks out of Canva, PicMonkey, Easil, Stencil, Snappa and the rest? Take a look at all these features:

  • eCommerce Templates
  • Social Media Templates
  • eBook Cover and Body Creatore
  • Amazon EBC
  • Magical Background Remover
  • Smart Resize
  • Logo Maker
  • Brand It - One click custom color palette application
  • Annotate Tool
  • Effects and Filters
  • 2 Million Free Creative Assets
  • Templates categorized in Niche and Themes
  • Cloud Storage

And in the near future they are planning to roll-out the following features:

  • Packaging Designer
  • 3D Viewer
  • Animated Product Images
  • Print Templates
  • APIs

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