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How to Make a Profile Sticker using Gimp – 2019

How to easily cut out your profile photo, make the background transparent, so you can use it for your Facebook cover, Youtube banner, thumbnail, Instagram, LinkedIn profile, avatars, and other social media graphics and profile needs.

This Gimp tutorial was made on the latest Gimp version 2.10.12 downloaded in 2019.

Some of the features used in Gimp were:
Path Tool
Fuzzy Select Tool (Select a contiguous region on the basis of color)
Layer / Transparency / Add Alpha Channel
Layer / Transparency / Threshold Alpha (thresholding the alpha channel to a value)
Image / Crop to Content
Export As / Select File Type by Extension

Images Used in this tutorial are from Unsplash contributor(s):
Michael Dam - michael-dam-mEZ3PoFGs_k-unsplash

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