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How to Make Background Transparent with Gravit Designer

How to Remove the Background of a Photo so you can put the Main Object in any Background using Gravit Designer

This video will take you through the steps on how to cut out your profile photo, make background transparent so you can use the object of the photo, particularly your profile picture for your Facebook cover, YouTube banner, thumbnail, Instagram profile, avatars, and other social media graphics, advertising and profile needs.

I use Gravit Designer because it's quite affordable and easier to work with than most graphic software (including GIMP). I'm more productive when I use Gravit.

Some of the Gravit Designer features used in this tutorial were:
Path Tool
Modify / Mask with Shape
Export / Advanced Export

Images Used in this tutorial are from Unsplash contributors: Reinaldo Kevin, Alex Jones, Stephen Ellis, Fernando Paredes Murillo, Xavier Coiffic, Drew Beamer, and Joshua Coleman

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