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Top 20 Royalty Copyright Free Background Music Rock-Bright for YouTubers Vlogs 2020

These 20 Rock (Bright mood) Music are copyright free, royalty free and don't need attributions.

Attributions would be great though, to help these artists get noticed. You can mention the name of the song and the artist somewhere in your content.

To download the music file (mp3), right click on the download link next to the desired song, and Save Link As/Save Target As.

Cats and Gats, Dyalla, 3:10 (kooky, zany), download
Center Ring, Freedom Trail Studio, 4:24 (western), download
Day Out on the Lawn, Midnight North, 2:16, download
Deserts, Text Me Records / Bobby Renz, 1:49, download
Down The Street Blues / Unicorn Heads, 4:50 (bluesy also), download
Fresh Start, Silent Partner, 2:51, download
Friction Looks, Silent Partner, 1:52, download
Get in the Car and Go, Unicorn Heads, 2:24, download
Jungles, Text Me Records / Bobby Renz, 1:52, download
Lazy Rock, Dan Lebowitz, 2:33 (slightly slower paced), download
Life is Good, Magic In The Other, 2:50, download
Live Worms, Josh Lippi & The Overtimers, 2:24 (tarantino pulp fiction), download
Love In LA, DJ William, 3:58 (groovy), download
Mountain, Text Me Records / Bobby Renz, 1:54, download
RΓͺverie, Endless Love, 1:50 (psychedelic), download
Simon's Song, Dan Lebowitz, 2:25, download
Stardrive, Jeremy Blake, 4:45 (futuristic), download
Sunny Looks Good on You, Midnight North, 3:40, download
Take It Back, Dan Lebowitz, 1:47, download
Top Down, Dan Lebowitz, 1:41 (electric guitar), download


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